Discounted apartment for sale in central Kyiv

This is a perfect rental property. An apartment high up in a nice block right in the centre of Kyiv.

It’s not large at 30 m², but you’d be surprised at what you can get into this space. And the smaller apartment is easier to heat and maintain and there will be absolutely no trouble in attracting a queue of tenants for this place.

It offers 3 rooms plus a bathroom. The ceilings are wonderfully high of 3.6 m. It’s in an un-modernised condition, but we attach here a couple of photos of the apartment in the same ruling to show you have fantastic it could look like after renovation. By the way, we are highly experienced in renovating apartments and should be able to bring this place up to a lovely standard for around $21,000 (estimate subject to survey of property, of course.

The price a few weeks ago was $92,000, which itself was well down from the original hundred and $20,000. Now the owner is offering it for $82,000. Do the place up and its value will be much higher.

We can guarantee a long-term contract on this apartment for $7200-$8000 a year. You don’t have to do anything as a foreign owner. We handle it all and have an excellent record of managing property on behalf of UAP clients.

$82,000 from apartment in the centre of a major capital city is good value. Particularly as the rental market in Kyiv is surging, due to continued inward migration of people.


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Property with reference: C1506