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The complete property service for you in Ukraine

UA property.com has been a trusted name in property sales in Ukraine for many years. Our clients include embassies in Kyiv, for whom we have provided property services. You are in safe hands.

We make sure your property purchase goes through properly and that you have sound legal title. At all stages in the process you have us as an impartial source of advice.

We aren’t just property agents, who only deal with the sale. Far from it. Often our main job starts after the sale, when we manage a client property. And often we make improvements to the building.

Professional property managment

We are very knowledgeable about the rental market in Ukraine, particularly the Kyiv area. We can advise on a realistic rent and find tenants for you.

For most landlords, getting reliable tenants who pay on time is a challenge. We take that job off you and can be sure we will closely monitor your tenant minimise the likelihood of any void periods.

We also handle the wide range of issues than comes with owning property, as shown in the diagram to left. Dealing with tenants and neighbours, handling demands by apartment complex management, paying utility bills, making sure everything is in compliance with the Municipality… the list is long.

For our property management service, we charge 10% of the rental. We can arrange for your rent to be paid to the bank account of your choice. There are no other charges. Needless to say, repairs on your property are payable by the owner.

Our foreign clients usually have great success in renting the Kyiv property. Why not join them?

Building services

Complete building services

Any older property usually need work doing on it to bring it to rental standard. We have long experience of assessing and managing building works. Our experience extends from renovating a one-bedroom apartment to managing the building of a 100 apartment complex. We treat all jobs, the very small to the large, with the same diligence and honesty.

You will be given a realistic assessment of works required and you can be sure the price quoted is very sharp. We treat your money like our own and make sure all quotations are the lowest possible.

After renovation work is complete, we can also arrange for the complete kitting out of your property, to make it attractive to renters.

To some our property services up, we would say that you can delegate the whole process to us with confidence. Your investment can be completely turnkey and hands-free.

Conveyance and legal advice

Whilst we are not lawyers ourselves, we have many years understanding of the legal framework in Ukraine and we have immediate access to top-quality lawyers. Over the years, we have often had people coming to us explain about a property problem they have. Typically, someone has misadvised them as to how they should go about buying and owning property in Ukraine.

We are pleased to be able to help people by advising them and sorting out whatever legal problem they have. Our fees for this depend upon the case, but they are surprisingly modest. Certainly they are very little in comparison to the potential losses that would have happened if we hadn’t assisted.
We can recommend proven and reliable lawyers. And accountancy services. These can be invaluable in a client realising the property ambitions in Ukraine

UAproperty supporting you and your property in Ukraine