How To Buy

How To Buy

This section gives important information. If you're thinking of visiting to buy Ukrainian property, please read it carefully before you go. There are two main ways to buy Ukrainian Property. Firstly, when clients visit us and purchase.

Secondly, by Remote Purchase. This is when the client doesn't visit Ukraine immediately, but buys from their home country. This second option is popular with lower priced property and enables people to secure a bargain and then plan their trip at leisure. However, we always recommend visiting before purchase.

Full information on these two options are below.

Choose Your Property

Select from our website the Ukrainian properties for sale that you would like to view and send us the reference numbers. Please note that it is not usually feasible to view more than 4 or 5 properties in one day due to distances between houses. Our web site shows all current property and is updated constantly.

Private or Agency Offers is a portal website that offers property from all sources in Ukraine. Some of the property offered is not offered through our company. It is offered by private individuals or other estate agents. UAproperty does not take any responsibility for the content of such adverts. It is for the enquirer to ascertain the accuracy or otherwise of the information regarding such property offers. If you require UAproperty to act for you in purchasing such property, just ask us and we may well be able to help.

Arrange Your Visit

We can agree a date and time for your visit. Then you need to arrange your own flights and let us know your arrival time at Kiev Airport (or train/coach stations). Pick up from Airport/Station and transport to your hotel can be arranged for 30 Euro . For more information on flights, please see our "Travel to Ukraine" section on our website.

How long should you stay? That depends, of course, on your plans, but allow about 2 days to view property and 3 days to do the legal paperwork if you want to buy. Please note: As the solicitor and Notary office aren't open on a week-end, make sure you stay for at least one weekday to do any legal paperwork.

If you already have plans to be in Kiev, then all we need to do is fix a time for you to meet one of our representatives. All our staff speak English and Russian. They are friendly, with expert local knowledge, and will look after you well.

What to Bring

This is very important if you wish to buy property on your visit, so please read this section carefully. Please bring with you funds to cover a deposit for a property (usually around $1500 for houses that cost under $10,000). This can be paid in cash or can be withdrawn at an ATM if you have a debit or credit card (your bank may charge fees to withdraw).

Also add about $300 to cover charge for Preliminary Contract, and document translation costs if required. And, of course, don't forget to bring some money to cover living and travel costs during your visit. After signing the Sale contract it is required to provide the transfer of other 95% of agreed sum to the seller's or agency's account.


Our office is pleased to be able to assist you in making arrangements to see property and when doing accommpanied viewing trips, we ask that clients cover our transport costs. This will depend on the location of the property being viewed but in general we do not charge more than $100 for travelling 250kms. Please be aware that viewing trip costs are fully refundable in the event that you purchase.


We can arrange accommodation for you, in a hotel or apartment.

Once you have visited your selected properties and made your selection, it is the time to set in motion the legal process.

The Buying Process

Foreign citizens have the right to buy and own property in Ukraine. Your property rights are set forth in the Constitution of Ukraine and law of Ukraine "On Ownership". The law permits owners of property (including foreign investors and joint ventures) not only to own property but also use such property for commercial purposes, lease property, and keep the revenues, profits, and production derived from its use, after all necessary taxes are payed.

1. If you are buying remotely or a visiting for less than 3 weeks, we recommend you having a Power of Attorney drawn up by your local solicitor, authorizing Uaproperty Ltd to complete the legal formalities in your absence. Full details will be given to visiting clients.

2. Once you have chosen which property to buy, you will sign a Preliminary sale/purchase agreement and pay a deposit of 10% or minimum $1500. This agreement sets out the terms of purchase, including date of full contract signing and completion. This agreement is signed in the presence of a Notary officer.

3. You will also be required to sign an Agency agreement with us or, if the property isn't ours, with another agency. Commission will be paid to the agency handling your purchases, the amount varying according to company. For this fee, we assist with the whole buying process and help ensure safe legal process and trouble free purchase.

4. Signing of the main sale Agreement

5. Registration of the purchase with state authorities. To save buyer's time is usually conducted by us by Power of Attorney.

6. When buying property in Ukraine, there will be purchase taxes to pay which will be modest. These fees will vary from property to property and in the event you are particularly interested in a house, please let us know and we confirm the exact costs.

What if a sale is cancelled before I complete?

A seller that has signed a Preliminary Contract is legally bound to sell the property to you and to no one else. However, a sale can be cancelled by either party at any point up until completion for various reasons.

If in the event the property is discovered to have an issue, legal or otherwise, that prevents it being sold to you in an acceptable legal condition, or if it has sustained damage after the deposit has been paid (and before the sale has been completed), then the seller has the right to cancel the sale. Should this happen, the buyer would receive a refund of their deposit. The seller is responsible for any legal costs incurred up to this point.

Should a purchaser wish to cancel a sale and it is determined the property is legally sound, the seller has a right to retain their deposit. There may also be other fees incurred with the cancellation of a sale prior to purchase agreement being signed. If legal checks have already been started, the purchaser will be responsible for costs associated with this.

If a viewing trip has been done by Uaproperty free of charge prior to completion, the purchaser will be responsible for this fee in the event of cancellation. Fees will vary depending on distance of the property from our offices in Kyiv.

Buyers should only proceed with a sale when they are 100% certain that they wish to purchase the property.

Visiting your property post sale or post reservation

If you are in the process of purchasing a property in Ukraine or if you have already purchased and wish to visit your house, is pleased to offer you a free trip* to the property.

*Properties must be within 80kms of our Kyiv office. Properties that are further, we would ask for a small fee to cover petrol expenses.

After sale services

For many of our clients, the purchase of a property in Ukraine is just the beginning or their property ownership experience in Ukraine. In many cases, new home owners will wish to do building works and improvements to their new property.

For others, the property may be a rental investment and requires careful management on their behalf. is able to offer both of these services to clients and purchasers at local Ukrainian rates. Our office in Kyiv is well placed to manage city based properties and we have an excellent track record of finding tenants and ensuring timely payments. Our extensive knowledge of the rental market and its laws will ensure that your property in Kyiv is in good hands.