14 November 2022

We need your help in raising funds to buy drones for UA!

Help David beat Goliath by funding drones for Ukraine!

Instead of the Biblical David’s slingshot, modern day Ukrainian soldiers rely on drones to defend against a bigger enemy, russia.

These small flying machines provide vital information on enemy positions. They maximise the effectiveness of their limited resources in pushing back the invaders and help protect Ukrainian soldiers’ lives. But some drones are lost, mainly from russian electronic warfare and it’s vital to have replacements.

Paypal Link

Many friends, family members and associates of UAP and their staff have joined the war effort. Over the last 9 months we have helped with animal medical care, rehoming and helping to get supplies to battalions. Last week we were able to donate our first drone to a battalion on the front line that we support. The picture above shows it in the hands of the drone expert, Hermann, the soldier using it.

Now we are looking to fund 2 more DJI Mavic drones. The target is $5,000. Please give though this paypal link. Every dollar will go towards the drone, with zero deduction for expenses.

Helping fund a drone is a real and highly effective way of doing your bit to help Ukraine defend itself. We understand that times are difficult for everyone and we highly appreciate anything you can spare as many small amounts put together can make a huge difference! The Ukrainian people are sacrificing so much. They ask for your help in this time of need, whatever you can afford. Even the price of a coffee will help!

Regular updates will be posted in the News section of

Donate here.

Thank you!

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