Smallholding with easy access to Kiev

This property in Drozdu village is only 81 km from the capital, Kiev. It also has a lot of land, totalling 6000 m².

This cottage may not be large, but it has a traditional charm about it. With the patriotically colouring, well-kept courtyard with shading vines and benches to relax on in the warmth of the Ukrainian summer.

The property of 64.4 m2 itself offers five rooms. We are awaiting internal photographs, but gather that condition is reasonable and the property is liveable, with good zinc roof. Mains electricity is connected and water is from a well, which is typical for the area. It also benefits from mains gas, which is a big plus as it is very expensive to connect properties to supply.

There are plenty of places for storage in this property. It has a good seller cellar and outside a solid garage and outbuildings, in a good state of repair. Around the property are extensive lands of deep and rich black soil. The building land which can be owned freehold by a foreigner extends to 2500 m². Adjoining this is 3500 m² of farmland, which can be leased long term at low rate.

The extensive gardens have fruit trees and vegetable growing field. The area around is beautiful and unspoiled, with a river only three minutes walk away.

Price is $9900, which is very reasonable considering the proximity to Kiev. The closer you get to the capital, the higher the prices..

In short, a conveniently located holiday home that offers privacy and lots of space.

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Property with reference: C1608