30 June 2020

Ukraine extends Covid-19 quarantine until 31st July

Many restrictions associated with Covid-19 have been eased in parts of Ukraine however, quarantine has been officially extended until 31st July. Travel to the country has also been opened up and further down we explain requirements for overseas visitors.

Many services have started operating within the country again including:

- All public transport

- Hotels

- Restaurants and cafes

- Church services

- Sports events (no spectators)

- Swimmings pool and gyms (social distancing measures in place as well as limits on visitor numbers)

- Nurseries and day care

- Dentists

- Cultural sites and buildings (museums etc)

Please note that it is mandatory to wear masks in public spaces and on public transport.

Services and restriction levels may vary from region to region depending on current levels of Covid-19 present. So please check at a local level to see what is the current situation.

Travelling to Ukraine

Ukraine has re-opened its borders and foreign citizens can travel to the country. However, Ukraine has a traffic light system in place to determine whether or not visitors must quaratine for 14 days. Please check if your country is classed as a red or green zone.

Those travelling from a red zone must quarantine for 14 days. Failure to quarantine may result in a fine. All visitors are required to have appropriate health insurance and please check with your insurer prior to travel that it meets the requirements of the Ukrainian Health Ministry.

Those self isolating will be required to download the Ministry of Health's "Dii Vdoma" (Act at Home) app prior to arrival in Ukraine. In order to do this you must have a Ukrainian phone number and phone that can download apps.

Using the Dii Vdoma app you will be able to upload the required information for proof of self isolation and it is important to respond promptly to notifications which will be in Ukrainian. Failure to do this could result in a fine.

Further information on the Dii Vdoma app can be found on the Cabinet Ministry Website here.

Those travelling from a country classed as a green zone will not be required to self isolate for 14 days.

Please click this link to find out which countries are red or green zones. This list was updated on 15th June and please double check the status of your country prior to travel.

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