Iris cottage has three big advantages:

- Only 1h15 from Kiev

- It’s got mains gas connected

- It has a lot of land

This is a traditional property of 47 m² that could do with modernisation, but it’s going to save a lot of money that it’s already connected to mains gas. You can pay thousands of dollars to connect a rural property to mains gas in Ukraine. In fact, the cost is a significant proportion of the sale price of this property!

In the kitchen, there is a gas boiler and gas cooking stove.

The exterior of the property has had some weather damage and would benefit from replastering and some repair works. The property has not been lived in on a regular basis for the past few years and will require refurbishment throughout, as can be seen from the photos. However the low sales price more than allows for this.

Electricity is connected to the house and water is supplied via a borehole/well in the garden which is standard for the majority of rural houses in this price range. It has the added benefit of meaning there are no water bills to pay!

As you can see from the map picture, it’s not far from Borispol airport. Only 69 km, mostly by main road. This makes the property particularly accessible for the foreign owner.

And it has a lot of land. The plot with building permission is 2500 m². Plus there’s another 618 m² of farmland. The site is 20 m wide and hundred and 127 m long. Level very fertile ground. A smallholding on which you could easily grow large quantities of fruit and vegetables.

Location is good too. Very near to attractive lakes.

Sale prices only $7000. That is a serious bargain. Remember, the mains gas connection is worth thousands. Great potential for a derisory sum.

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Property with reference: C1601