Best buys in property are often houses that need some work to bring to fully habitable condition. Not a lot of work, but just finishing off from the previous owner. Such as this solid dwelling only 55 km from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev. It doesn’t need extensive work to make fully habitable. In fact, you could live in it and finish off the works needed.

It was built in 1992, extends to 40 m², with two main rooms of 17.4 m² and 10.8 m², plus a kitchen. There’s also plenty of space to make more accommodation upstairs under the roof. The house has gas, electricity and well water.

One of the main rooms is completely renovated, with laminate flooring laid. The other is prepared for final finishing. The kitchen is also ready for completion, with floor tiles already laid.

Do these works and may be add some other improvements and you will have a good house to live in. Or rent out to the many people who like to get a breath of fresh air from the city of Kiev at weekends and during holiday times. It’s only 55 km from the capital - not far at all.

The plot size is 2499 m² and the paperwork is in order, being privatised and with permission for a dwelling house. There’s a seller in the garden used for food and wine storage, and an old house used as a barn. There is a tarmac driveway and metal gates. Some were cutting back the bushes and trees would soon bring the property into an attractive state.

The property is situated in an attractive village which has a lovely lake, suitable for fishing and swimming in. There is also a shop nearby.

There’s great potential here and money has already been spent. Considering its proximity to Kiev, the sale price of $11,500 is remarkably little. We at UAproperty will ensure smooth and legal transfer of title to you and we can offer a range of after sales services if required, such as completing the refurbishment of this property at an affordable price.

Enquire about this freehold property now. There are no restrictions on buying and it’s waiting for a new owner.


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Property with reference: C1547