11 April 2017

Ryanair Announces Regular Flights to Ukraine

Ryanair have announced it will introduce new flights from the UK, Germany, Swedon, Hungary, Poland and the Netherlands to Kyiv and Lviv.

The new weekly flight routes will begin in October and Ryanair expect to deliver over 510,000 travellers annually along its new routes.

From the UK, travellers will be able to reach Kyiv and Lviv from both Standsted and Manchester airports. Flights to Lviv will be leaving from London Stansted.

Chief Commercial Officer David O'Brien said in a statement on March 15th:

"Ryanair is pleased to announce that low fares have finally arrived in Ukraine, our 34th country of operation, as we launch 4 new Kiev routes to Eindhoven, London, Manchester and Stockholm, and 7 new Lviv routes to Berlin, Budapest, Eindhoven, Krakow, London, Munich Memmingen and Wroclaw, beginning in October, which will help deliver 510,000 annual customers at Kiev and Lviv Airports."

To celebrate the new routes, Ryanair put the initial tickets on sale for £19.99 and early booking via the company's website is advised.

The news that Ryanair will be flying to Ukraine was met with much positivity from Ukraine's Minister of Infrastructure Volodomyr Omelyan:

"I am convinced that Ryanair will be another bridge that connects the infrastructure of Ukraine with Europe and it will be a good signal for the world's major investors," the Minister added. "

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