Smallholding in Ukraine within driving distance of Kiev

Your bolthole for less than $5000

The best value property in Europe, if not the world, must be in Ukraine. The value for money simply staggering.

Take this bargain cottage we’ve found in the village of Lisovichi, which is 120 km from Kiev. In addition to a house of 52.3 m², it has a large garden of 1 acre (4000 m²). Of this land, to a half thousand square metres is building land and the remainder of 1500 m² is farmland. There are also two outbuildings.

The property is on the edge the village, in a great location with lovely rural views towards the forest. There are two large lakes nearby and it’s a wonderful area to relax in.

The cottage has electricity and water is from a well. It offers a basic kitchen, two bedrooms and living space. Of course, at this minuscule price don’t expect modern facilities! But it’s clean and serviceable and has original features like the “stove bed”, where people sleep on a shelf over a fire to be warm in midwinter.

The property is freehold and we’ve checked out the documents as being all in order for immediate transfer to a new owner.

Even if you don’t plan on living in this property in the near future, consider it an insurance policy. A place that you have tucked up your sleeve to which you can escape to if things get difficult at home. It’s a great place to step out of the rat race and relax. A plan B that everyone should really have.


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Property with reference: C1572