Grow your own food with this smallholding in Ukraine

The coronavirus is bound to make a lot of people think of where it’s safest to live, to escape this and any other pandemics.

May be you live in a city, where it’s very difficult to avoid infection. If so, then consider the advantages of living well away from the mainstream. Such as in this Ukrainian village property that comes with land.

It’s in a small village in Ukrainian countryside, 120 kms from the capital, Kiev. And it’s super cheap!

The cottage is traditionally built, with two main rooms, kitchen, corridor, porch and pantry. The WC is located externally. The house is whitewashed inside with a solid wooden floor.

There’s an old-style stove with stove bench. A warm place to sit in winter, which judging by the deep snow in the photographs is certainly still happening. But summers are glorious in Ukraine and the weather will soon change for the better.

The property is sold with some furniture including ottoman, table, chairs, and refrigerator.

In the garden, there is a garage and a summer kitchen, plus a barn and cellar. So plenty of space for storage.

The property is located in an ecologically pure area and despite the minuscule sale price, it offers 2500 m² of land (over half an acre), with fruit trees and ideal soil for vegetable growing. There’s also an additional 659 m² of farm land available for long-term lease, which we can assist with.

Self-sufficiency shouldn’t be difficult with this property as the extensive gardens have apricot trees, apple trees, cherries, grapes, plums, and nuts

The village has a shop, school, monastery and bus stop with routes to Kiev, Tarashcha town and Bila Tserkva town. Neighbours are very friendly live year round so you wouldn’t be alone.

Access is good to the property, which is an important point. Electricity is connected. Water is supplied free of charge via a well in the garden.

Views are great from the property, of the surrounding forested land. The air is crystal fresh in the soil rich. A great place to get away from it all and live self sustained lifestyle.

And at a price which is derisory, at $3,900 excluding purchasing fees. Freehold.

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Property with reference: C1598