Great value house with land in mystical location

What a great opportunity to acquire a genuine bargain property! This house of 50 m² is situated near Boguslav, 140 km from Kiev. Near Totoh Mountain, which the ancients believed could change a person’s fate, helping them to fulfil cherished desires.

Change your prospects for the better by buying this property. Considering the amount of good quality land that comes with it and that the house is in fact in good condition, the sale price of $4500 is ridiculously low. We like finding the bargains for you and this property certainly is that!

Inside the property, there are two living rooms, a kitchen, a veranda. The walls are built of adobe and lined with brick, which makes it very warm in winter and cool in summer. Traditional insulation.

The house has literate city and pipes are connected to the water, which need self pumping. Heating is provided by a stove and there are two ovens for cooking. There is gas on the street and it shouldn’t be a problem to connect.

The condition of the house is good. It’s owned as residential and is sold unfurnished.

The plot is big at 3601 m², of rich black earth. In the garden there are nut trees, apple trees, cherries, strawberries and other fruits. The entrance to the house is asphalted.

The property is located near the lake and forest, which is a great place for walks as it’s full of mushrooms and berries. The neighbours are friendly.

In the village there are several shops, hospital, club, post office, and church. On the weekend there is a market, which is a great place to buy local produce.

It’s a quiet picturesque place. Very beautiful and in a venerated area. A bus goes past the house to Kiev several times a day.

Sale price $4500. Anyone can buy and we will ensure you have a smooth purchase process.

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Property with reference: C1581