River Cottage is a traditional Ukrainian village house of 47.4 m², in a very picturesque village which has two large lakes. And there is a stream at the bottom of the property’s garden, so for lovers of water - fishing and boating, this is a great place to stay.

It’s not a large place, with two main rooms plus kitchen and entrance area. It’s of brick construction. Electricity is connected, there’s a phone connection, and water is from a nearby well which is typical for rural area properties and means no water bills. Gas is used for cooking (supplied via bottles).

Obviously, the place could do with some upgrade, although as far as we know there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it. Just old-fashioned, which has its charm, such as the old-style heated shelf next to the traditional stove on which people traditionally warmed themselves in winter.

The cottage comes with a good amount of land extending to 2500 m² and is fenced. It’s a rich black earth supports an abundance of fruit trees, including cherry, apple, apricots, mulberry. Around the cottage are various small outbuildings, including a garage for a car, barn and a summer kitchen, which is a place where people cook and eat outdoors in the lovely summer weather.

The village is in the Tarashchansky district and Kyiv isn’t that far away, at 135 km along the Odessa highway. About 500 m from the property is a bus stop, which has a daily service.

The price is a bargain basement $6600 and this INCLUDES purchasing costs in Ukraine (saving approximately $2400). Very little for a freehold property with 2500 m² of good quality land and lovely natural surroundings, with a stream at the bottom of your property. Ukraine is making steady progress in stabilising and developing its economy and such low prices are unlikely to last.


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Property with reference: C1574