Week-end cottage for sale in Kyiv with 1 acre of land

Kyiv weekend cottage

It’s popular among residents of Kyiv to escape the traffic and fumes of the big city and go into the countryside for the weekend. This cottage is 190 km from the capital and is suitable for such use.

The property is a modernised and would need some investment to bring up to rental standard, but the low price allows for this expense.

The property is set on a large plot of 4500 m². It’s a really lovely spot, surrounded by attractive pine forest. There’s a large lake nearby.

The house is of reasonable size at 71.25 m² and was built in 1960, with construction in a traditional way of timber frame and clay infill. It benefits from assignment of permanent residence and all papers are in order for sale.

The veranda is 9.1 m², a corridor 5.4 m², a room of 15.8 m², another room of 14.8 m², a kitchen of 5.6 m². Floors are wooden and heating is from a “Russian oven”, which is a dual cooking and heating structure. Mains electricity is supplied, with water from a well. Outside WC. There is no gas connected

Outside, there are three storage sheds: of 7.5 m², of 14.8 m² , and another large one of 38.7 m². There's also a cellar of 4.2 m².

An attractive rural location, with friendly neighbours and the potential to make a weekend retreat for city inhabitants. We at UAproperty are able to manage refurbishment of the property and its subsequent letting.

Sale price is only $5900


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Property with reference: C1508