Super cheap house, with land, in spiritual place

Super cheap house, with land, in spiritual place

if you’re looking for a get away from it all property, at very low cost, check this place out.

It’s a colourful cottage and a good amount of land (2500 m²) in the village of Medvin, which is close to the famous Totoha mountain, considered a place of power. The spring at its base is known for its healing properties.

The house of 50 m² itself has two living rooms, kitchen, large veranda and utility rooms, plus cellar. Heating is from a stove, with mains gas down the street. Roof is metal. The property is about 700 m from the centre of the village and the road to it is ashfalted.

The garden has rich soil, with fruit trees and a well with pure natural water. Good neighbours nearby.

The village has a school, kindergarten, hospital, supermarket, shops, and cafes. The area has a number of beautiful lakes and the forest. Fresh air, pure water, peace and quiet in a place known for healing the body and easing the mind.

And all this certainly won’t break the bank. Only $5,500. We’re not sure what the sum of dollars will be able to buy in the future, probably not a lot, but this property has intrinsic value. Contact us now to see the possibilities.

You can buy from any country in the world. Freehold. With our many years of good reputation supporting you.

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Property with reference: C1602