This is an impressive apartment development in Kiev. It’s a large development and quite self contained, with extensive infrastructure. The inspiration is a “cosy English town”, although whether that’s New England, America or England as in UK, can be left to your imagination. Either way, it helps give this complex and more unique identity

The apartment buildings are to classical design, with impressive entrances and high-quality internal fittings. One interesting aspect of the development is a focus on energy-saving technologies to lower running costs. As an owner of this apartment, you should be pleasantly surprised by your utility bills.

This apartment is a one-room, Shell stage apartment, of 36.4 m², just built. You can finish its interior according to your wishes. We can provide assistance with this if required.

Very close to Vasilkivska metro station ( 5 mins walking )

Sale price is $970 per square metre.

Rental potential is very good with this development. It will have strong appeal to a broad range of people in Kiev, from commuters to the central office districts and also families with children.

Don’t delay in contacting us about this good quality property as is unlikely to be available for long.

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Property with reference: C1578