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The Gorkogo Street is located in the Goloseevskiy district in Kiev. It starts near the Lva Tolstogo Street and finishes at the Dzerjunskogo Square. The following streets are joined to the Gorkogo Street: Saksaganskogo, Julianska, Phizkultury, Dimitrova, Fiodorova, Gorkogoside street, Laboratorna, Telmana, Tverskaya, Kovpaka, Liubchenko, KrasnoarmeiskiySide Street and the DryjbuNarodivBoulevard.

The modern Gorkogo Street appeared in 1830s and consisted of two streets: Novolubedska and Naberejno-Lybedska. In 1909 both streets were combined into only one street called Kuznetchaya. In 1913 the boulevard was added to this street that led from the LvaTolsogo Street to Saksaganskogo Street. In 1919 the street had the name Tchernishevska, later it was renamed into Proletarska.

The current honors the Russian writer Maksim Gorkiy. On the Gorkogo Street you will find a wide range of facilities, including the cinema Batterfly DeLuxe, supermarket "Megamarket", The Vladimirskiy market, a lot of cafes and restaurants.

The metro stations “Lubedska”, “Palats Ukraina”, “Olympiyska”, “Ploshcha Lva Tolstogo” are on this street.

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