Good quality apartment in central Kyiv

For investors looking for a good quality apartment in central Kyiv, this one will be hard to beat. It’s a really good location in Saksahanskoho street, which is a busy retail and commercial area, with Botanic Gardens down the end of the road. All facilities and services are within a short walk. Ideal for city living.

Proximity of Metro stations are one of the first thing prospective tenants look for and this great apartment has two metro stations nearby, so getting around the city is easy.

The apartment itself is on the 7th floor of an 8 floor building. It measures 56m2 and comprises of kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom.

The property has a quality feel to it, with hardwood doors and wood detailing, expensive wall coverings and shiny wood floors (not laminate). It also features a jacuzzi style bath, air conditioning, phone and internet. All furniture is included in this price, making this a ready to go investment.

Prior to the present troubles, this property would have been worth around $4000 per m2 (including furniture) which would be around $224 000. Now, it’s been heavily discounted to $145 000

As you might imagine, which such a good location in the centre of the city, rental isn’t a problem at all. r $1000 per month isn’t a problem. In fact, such is demand a number of apartments on this street/in the area are rented out on a nightly basis. Here is one on the same street: We might add that it’s not as nice as the one being offered here.

The building has a lift and the apartment has a balcony, making this the all-round perfect Kyiv apartment.

For the investor wanting quality, in demand capital city apartments, this property is perfect. The market will bounce back in Kyiv given a bit of time, but for now you have the opportunity to buy a much lower price than what this property is really worth. And you can imagine the uplift on price when mortgages are once again available at realistic interest rates in Ukraine (at present, the market is mostly cash).

All paperwork is in order and as usual will be there to make sure anything goes smoothly and this wonderful freehold property is transferred to you without problem.

Please note we also have long experience of efficient rental management, modestly priced, which will take away any concerns you have about your property.


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