Pocket money cottage not far from Kyiv

Quaint Ukrainian cottage not far from Kiev

This is really an authentic Ukrainian rural cottage. With its flowers outside, Windows painted in the national blue, carpets hanging on walls and old bits of furniture, it really is a genuine place.

Of course, if you’re looking for a modern property, check out other listings because this is a classic old traditional property. Construction is from horizontal sawn logs, which are very solid and provide a good measure of insulation for the cold winters. There were no leaks we could see from the tin roof and with the installation of modern bathroom and revamped kitchen, plus a bit of paint, this would be a nice place to live.

The house is 50 m² in size and offers: Veranda (6 m²), , entrance hall (4 m²), and 3 further rooms of 10 m² and 6.7 m². Heating is from a stove. The property extends to 2341 m² (over half an acre). There is a barn, storage cellar, and wide range of fruit and other trees. It’s not far from the village centre and there’s good road access.

Mains electricity is connected. There is mains gas in the street, but it’s not connected. Water from the well.

We’ve checked all the documents and they are in order for immediate sale to anyone, Ukrainian or foreigner.

Asking price is only $5,500. This low price reflects the crash in the Ukrainian currency in recent times. Should prove a great time to buy.

Contact us as soon as possible about this property. We can arrange it's purchase wherever you are in the world. And by using the international Apostille system, you don’t have to visit to Ukraine to buy if you don’t want to. Of course, we would like to see you in our Kyiv offices, but we have found that overseas buyers of cheap property don’t have the time to visit in person.


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Property with reference: C1507