8 March 2021

Virtual Viewing Trips

Months of Covid related travel restrictions have meant it has been very difficult for many of our overseas clients to visit property in person. However, if there is a house for sale in Ukraine that you have seen which is of interest we can organise to do a virtual viewing trip on your behalf.

It is a great way to get further information about the house, the grounds and the immediate area without needing to board a plane. Information will include a wide range of pictures as well as videos.

Some properties we list for sale can have limited photos and this is because vendors may be elderly and not particularly tech savvy. We always pass on requests to sellers for further details but it can take some time for sellers to get newer images organised, in which time a house maybe sold to someone else.

Whilst we are not qualified building surveyors and will not be able to provide in depth studies of roof, foundation etc conditions we will always look to obtain as much information as possible so you can make an informed choice as to whether or not you wish to proceed further with a house.

Virtual viewing trips will cost in the region of $150 depending on the distance of the house from our office and are always refundable in the event of purchase.

  • 14 November 2022

    We need your help in raising funds to buy drones for UA!

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    You can help the war effort in Ukraine

    The National Bank of Ukraine is fundraising for Ukraine's Armed Forces. Any support you can give them is appreciated; fundraising is vital to support the defensive effort so even the smallest amount can make a difference if enough of us do it. Find out