19 September 2006


The Ukrainian - Great Britain relations continue their improving way. It is showed in the increased quantity of international visits and intensive cooperative programs. According to the data provided by the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry the British Wilton Park conference center held three-days international conference “Ukraine: A Euro-Atlantic vocation?”. On the Ukrainian side the Ukrainian Ambassador Ihor Kharchenko and state officials took part in the conference. 70 Ukrainian and international politicians, as well businessmen and scientific researchers were present there. The first day of the conference was dedicated to the discussion of the problems of the influence of the parliamentarian votes on the internal situation in Ukraine’s politics, the prediction of the development of social and economical reforms, the role of society and mass media. The highly important question was as for the questions of cooperation of Ukraine with EU and NATO. As well on the conference it was proclaimed that the effective economical cooperation of Ukraine and EU takes place. Year by year brings a strong increasing two-sides foreign trading turn and direct foreign investments from the countries of EU to the Ukrainian economics. For today EU is the biggest foreign trading partner for Ukraine. As well it was reported that during last years the cooperation of Ukraine and EU in the field of energetic, i.e nuclear, agriculture and defense of environment. The perspective way of Ukraine’s development is the field of space investigations.

The strengthening of Ukrainian – Britain connections also was proved by the words of Timothy Barrow, a new Ambassador of her majesty in Ukraine, in July of 2006, that it is a great happiness for him to be appointed as a Ambassador in Ukraine. As well he mentioned that he would do the best to the future development of the connections with Great Britain.

The good news also is waiting for those, who is willing to visit this friendly island. Starting from the 1-st of October the Ukrainians, who want to get a visa to Great Britain will “breathe more easily”. The people desiring to visit GB do not have to go to Kiev specially and to stay in a line for many hours to determine the data of conversation. Now a person is able to give an application directly in the internet: to fulfill an application form with all necessary information about himself. Then an applicant gets an agreement about the receiving of e-mail application form and registration number. After that the person can order a conversation in a convenient for him day. During some period the application forms fulfilled by hand will be received, but the advantage will lie on the internet applications. The same way of application already exists on the German websites.

The increasing connections provide good possibilities for two nations to improve the situation in many fields of mutual collaboration. Definitely it gives many chances for those who is going to purchase the Ukrainian property for sale or Ukraine real estate.

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