9 September 2015 sponsors architect design competition, Steel Freedom 2015 is proud to announce they are sponsoring Steel Freedom 2015, an innovative competition aimed open to the younger generation of architects and engineers .

Competitors, who are architects, designers and engineers, have been given the task to develop the most innovative and creative steel building. Participants have the option of selecting a plot on which to base their building and have the option of designing either a recreational complex or a multi use complex.

As part of the competition, Uaproperty have donated the use of a building plot in the Carpathians for contestants to test their creativity on.

Speaking with Steel Freedom 2015, director Alex Abramovych, stated that " has to the best of its ability, always supported and will continue to support initiatives such as this, aimed at young people, giving them the opportunity to develop their creative and personal potential."

Competition organiser and director of UTSSS, Sergei Shpak, stated that "Our first Steel Freedom competition attracted phenomenal interest from the younger generation of Ukrainian engineers to exp[and on new knowledge and creative processes through the medium of a competition.

He continued, "understanding the social significance and importance of a competition, and taking into account all the wishes of the participants, this year we have planned an even more interesting range of projects for students to work on.

The Steel Freedom competition aim to promote original thought and smart problem solving whilst using steel as the main component. Other sponsors of the competition include ABC News, Armstrong PLC, Vertex Ltd, METInvest and Vertaki.

The winner of the coveted Steel Foundation award, will be chosen on November 28th.

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