29 March 2016

Buying a new build property in Kiev? Check legal papers first warns Kiev Mayor

A warning has been issued by Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko to prosoective buyers of new build property for sale in Kiev. It comes after a number of apartment developments in the city were targetted in a recent clampdown the Kyiv City State Administrtaion for illegal development.

Prospective buyers of a new build property for sale in the city are responsible for checking all legal documenation and that includes ensuring a property has the correct legal documentation.

Kyiv business friendly mayor, Vitali Klitschko, is making a priotity of targetting illegal developments on the city's green space as awell as properties that have been overdevelopped. For affected buildings in Kiev that are already being occupied, the aythorities are looking to reach a compromise with residents as no compensation is available to buyers of illegaly built houses.

Empty units are at risk of being demolished or fines being imposed.

Finding out whether the new build build house or apartment you are interested has the correct permission is straightforward. Contact the buildings department of the Kyiv City State Administration or ensure that your legal resprentative or property agent does this on your behalf. will always check a new build property in Kiev on behalf of clients prior to listing on our website.

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