12 February 2015

15% Price drops seen in Kyiv apartment sale prices

Over the past few months, the apartment prices in Kiev in dollar equivalent fell by 15%, the number of transactions declined many times.

Told the president of the Union of Realtors of Ukraine Alexander Rubanov at a press conference on May 15.

The market is literally in 4 months, even less, sagged by 15% in dollar terms," - said Rubanov.

The expert said that the hryvnia equivalent price for apartments in Kiev has increased significantly due to the devaluation of the national currency, so the prices for apartments in Kiev are still inaccessible for the average ukrainian buyer.

At the same time, as noted by the president of the Ukrainian representative International Real Estate Federation FIABCI Alexander Bondarenko, who was also present at the press conference, the real estate of Kiev and Ukraine in particular, a significant reduction in the number of sales transactions of apartments.

"For the month of March, in April, about the same situation - 350 deals, according to official reports, the Ministry of Justice on all Kiev. This is despite the fact that before the crisis was about 3.5 thousand transactions per month, "- said Bondarenko.

Especially noticeable market full stop in the Eastern regions of Ukraine, the expert added. Although wanting to sell real estate in these regions a lot, no demand for it. Bondarenko also said that in Kiev fell demand for apartments renting out, and therefore the prices have decreased by 30-50%.

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