12 February 2015

90 percent of buyers choose 1 bed apartments in Kyiv

Public inquiry on the construction of one-and two-bedroom apartments is about 90% of investment orders. This was stated by Deputy Director of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture - Chief of the urban cadastre Andrew Vavrysh.

"Territory, which is the golden fund of the city the next few years will be made up of 1-2-bedroom apartments, which did not actually allow you to post there full family with two children," - said Andrei Vavrysh. At the same time, he noted that such request of the public promotes the demographic situation in the country.

"Reproduction of the population on the verge of zero. Family with one child - this is the format of today's family. So it turns out that people settle in small cells, because they do not need (a significant part can not afford) more housing. And developers react accordingly demand ", - concluded Andrei Vavrysh.

Let us recall Kiev ranks first among Ukrainian regions by the level of acceptance of residential buildings

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